Solid Ragdolls have been around since the very beginning of the Ragdoll breed. Every year there are more Ragdoll breeders around the world that are choosing to add Solid, Sepia and Mink Ragdolls to their breeding programs. There is nothing quite as exciting as seeing those babies being born, anticipating both the Solids (Nonpointeds), Sepia's, minks and the Pointeds.

This site has many areas to expand on, one of which is a Link page for all those breeders of Solids wishing to post a link to their website here. This would help anyone looking for a Solid Ragdoll to be able to easily find the kitten of their dreams.
Please feel free to direct any positive suggestion for the development of this site
For those of you adverse to the Solid Ragdolls, please refrain from using this site to flame those of us who love and share our passion for the Solid Ragdolls.
If you are a Solid Breeder, or a Solid Ragdoll pet-owner, we would love to hear from you and add your ragdoll's photo to our up-coming gallery.

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